Phase One will equip students for future ministry. The 12-week lecture phase includes various ways of learning such as formal lectures, small group interaction, skill group practice times, workshops, personal study, and one-on-one discipleship.

Phase Two, the outreach phase, will be 10-weeks in length. This is an important time for students’ knowledge, skills, and character growth to be put into practice in a cross-cultural ministry context. Opportunities will be given to teach and to counsel as a team.

School Topics

Art Therapy – Creative expressions in Biblical counseling
Gender Awareness – Identity in Christ and self-awareness
Divine Plumbline – The Power of the Cross
Family Systems – God’s plan through our family
Ministering cross-culturally
Biblical foundations of counseling and active listening
Restoring the Foundations – Healing & Restoration through relationships with God and others
Understanding the Father’s grace and extending it to others
Biblical perspective of the human personality
Role of the Holy Spirit in counseling, intercession, and spiritual warfare

Upcoming Schools

FCM 2021FCM 2021
Start date: TBD
End date: TBD

Application deadline: TBD
Start date: TBD
End date: TBD

Application deadline: TBD
The FCM lecture phase will be ended on September 25, 2020.


Lecture phase

Country A = $2000
Country B = $1,500
Country C = $1000
YWAM Schools Fee Structure

Outreach phase

Outreach is optional for second level schools such as FCM. Costs vary depending on the outreach location. Typically anywhere from $1000-$2000.

Discipleship Training School

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