The Discipleship Training School (YWAM DTS) seeks to bring students into a more intimate relationship with God. It also gives them an opportunity to discover their passions and their part in God’s purposes for the world. It is for those who long to follow Jesus in new ways with a different perspective.

DTS is the prerequisite for not only becoming YWAM staff, but also for YWAM’s second-level training. Most DTSes are registered with YWAM’s University of the Nations.

Are you longing for a deeper relationship with God? Are you willing to travel to the farthest reaches of the earth to communicate God’s love?  At YWAM HCMC, we are all about knowing God and making Him known. We desire to prepare lives who are serious about making lasting impact in the world for Him. 

The Discipleship Training School (DTS) is a two-part discipleship course which serves as an introduction to global missions. The first 3 months of the DTS, commonly called the “lecture phase”, will be spent at YWAM HCMC learning from speakers we trust on foundational discipleship topics such as Nature and Character of God, Hearing God’s Voice, Relationships, and Missions. The goal of the lecture phase is to allow God to change the students’ lives based on what they’re learning and not just gain more head-knowledge. They will also spend time weekly engaging in worship, prayer, and developing skills and passions of their choice to see how they can be used in missions. They will be surrounded by people around the same age who are all running after the same thing – to know God and to make Him known. It’s a great community to learn and grow in!

The second phase of the DTS will be spent on a 2 month outreach. This phase allows students to put into practice everything they just learned and to share the good news of Jesus Christ cross-culturally. Outreach will provide students with a glimpse of cross-cultural missions as their team serves alongside local believers, existing ministries, and long-term missions workers. They will work and serve in a lot of different ways, but at the end of the day, the goal is to make God known. So, if you choose to do a DTS, you are joining a world-wide movement to make Jesus known in all the nations of the world.

Doing a DTS is an incredible opportunity to focus on pursuing God, allowing Him to transform your life and gaining His heart for the nations. If you are ready to embark on the adventure of a lifetime, come and join us!

School Topics

Nature and Character of God
Hearing God’s Voice
Father’s Heart of God
Destiny by Design
Spiritual Warface
The Holy Spirit
Biblical Worldview

Upcoming schools

DTS 2020Start Date: Mar 2nd
End Date: Aug 8th

Application deadline: Feb 1st
Start Date: Sept 7th
End Date: Feb 6th

Application deadline: Aug 1st
DTS 2021Start Date: Mar 1st
End Date: Aug 14th

Application deadline: Feb 1st
Start Date: Sept 6th
End Date: Feb 19th

Application deadline:
Aug 1st
DTS 2022Start Date: Mar 7th
End Date: Aug 20th

Application deadline: Feb 1st
Start Date: Sept 5th
End Date: Feb 18th

Application deadline: Aug 1st


Lecture phase

Country A = $2000
Country B = $1500
Country C = $1000
YWAM School Fee Structure

Outreach phase

Costs vary depending on the outreach location. Typically anywhere from $1000-$2000. You need to have at least the amount before coming to DTS.

This YWAM-DTS is a University of the Nations registered course. Twenty (20) semester equivalent credits will be earned upon successful completion of the Discipleship Training School (DSP 211,212). These credits may be applied to a U of N degree program or transferred to other participating colleges or universities. A successfully completed YWAM-DTS is a prerequisite to all other UofN training schools, degree programs and working long-term with YWAM.

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